Application and Server Management

IT industry fully shifting to cloud model

Cloud computing is now "mission critical" to the IT industry.

Organizations and employees alike should be ready to become even more familiar with cloud computing in the near future.

Winter is coming: It’s time to take a different approach to disaster recovery

Cloud computing offers small businesses a viable way to back up databases to weather disasters.

Companies with an on-site SQL backup strategy for their corporate databases may think they are doing the right thing when it comes to preparing for Mother Nature.

Career got you down in the dumps? Become a DBA

DBAs have a bright future in the employment field.

Are you tired of performing the same task over and over again on a daily basis?

Government body tells businesses to address SQL injection vulnerabilities

SQL injections remain a thorn in companies' side.

SQL security remains an issue for companies on a global scale.

DBAs make top 10 list of best IT careers of 2015

Database administrators will remain a top IT profession in 2015.

Have no fear database administrators, because your careers are among the top positions once again.

It’s time to face facts: Cloud computing isn’t going anywhere

U.S. businesses believe they are more competitive thanks to cloud computing.

Businesses set in their ways of managing on-site equipment may have to quickly rethink their perspectives of the future if they refuse to embrace cloud computing to position themselves near the top of their respective markets.

In focus: Server backup best practices

In focus: Server backup best practices

A few years back, organizations were called out for having shoddy, lackluster data protection strategies in place, as major natural disasters caused a wealth of damages and losses in the private sector.

Public cloud IT services industry may more than double in near future

The public cloud IT services market could surpass $127 billion by 2018.

Public cloud computing environments are making a big impression throughout the worldwide tech industry.

Security lesson to close out 2014: Learn from past breaches

Companies can learn from past cybersecurity breaches to avoid similar events.

Businesses that have experienced breaches in 2014 are important to helping other companies avoid similar events.

Event Recap: PASS Summit 2014


Last week came and went in a flash, and it is hard to believe PASS Summit is already over. Now that the LEGO are packed and headed home, we wanted to share a few thoughts from the show. What we learned: 1) Summit attendees love LEGO …then again, who doesn’t? We had some awesome master […]