Application and Server Management

DBAs looking for work should focus on SQL Server certifications

Database administrators should have no trouble finding employment opportunities, especially those well-acquainted with Microsoft’s popular SQL Server systems.

Companies must approach security from all fronts

Cybercriminals are winning the battle against businesses and consumers worldwide

Backups made easier with SQL Server 2014

Backups are one of the most important functions of SQL Server databases.

Become who you were born to be: A DBA

Database administrators are receiving plenty of attention in recent years, perhaps making up for the fact that DBAs never received their due until innovative technologies and trends have greatly influenced their job functions.

SQL Server training essential for keeping hackers at bay

As Jon Snow and his brothers of the Night’s Watch swore a vow to protect the realm from the threats beyond the Wall, similar devotion is required among database administrators to safeguard corporate data and customer information from sophisticated cybercriminals.

SQL Server 2014 features you should know about

Every company and its employees want to know that when the latest version of an IT product builds off of what the previous solution did well and makes improvements to troublesome areas.

Some SQL performance and security tips to think about

Every company wants to achieve two primary goals regarding their databases.

SQL server performance made easier with Microsoft updates

Performance is one of the defining characteristics of SQL server management.

What’s the best approach to SQL Security? Experts weigh in

SQL security has taken a front seat to modern safeguards following what seems like a relentless assault from cybercriminals on corporate data in recent years.

What does it take to be a DBA? Part II

Much like Liam Neeson possessed a certain set of skills in the Taken movies to rescue his loved ones, database administrators are also highly trained employees in the IT realm who are responsible for a wide range of tasks.